Friday, April 12, 2013

Australia’s Highest geocache

An item on my bucket list has been to climb Australia’s highest mountain, knowing there were two caches on top was the only incentive I needed to tackle this quest. The story of our trek can be found here.

Having geocached for many years now, my interest has somewhat turned to improving various statistics and since our visit to New Zealand did improve my elevation statistic I was keen to grab the Mt Kosciusko caches.

On the 6th April we made it to the top of Australia and to Australia’s two highest geocaches were on offer. As we sheltered under raincoats from the hail, wind and rain we gathered the information for the earthcache and then a gap in the weather gave us enough time to scour the rocks for the traditional cache.

Emotions were mixed as we completed our achievement. We’d completed our goal but it was with only half of the family. Thank you to my lovely wife for making this a reality.

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