Thursday, October 21, 2010

GC7D45 – Breathe

The sign of a good cache is one that can withstand the test of time, GC7D45 – Breathe is one of those caches. Back in Aug 2002 Team Chaos had this fantastic idea to hide a cache unaware that some 8 years later it’d be still going strong.

The concept is simple, find the Cuckoo, find the cache. But it’s the Cuckoo that makes this cache unique. Team Chaos hid a cache somewhere in the Sydney Metro area but posted a set of bogus coordinates on the cache page. To find the actual coordinates, the finder has to find the “Cuckoo” which resides in various other caches across Sydney.

Back in Oct 2007 I stumbled upon the Cuckoo as it rested in southern Sydney cache. You can imagine my surprise upon finding the Cuckoo as it can be in any cache as long as it remains in the Sydney metro area. Not wanting to disclose to surprise to others I carefully worded my logs and rehid the Cuckoo somewhere far away.

Last month, some 3 years after getting the coords I finally went out and found the actual cache. Not to give anything a way, I can tell you that a pleasant walk with fantastic views awaits the finders of Breathe. At GZ I sat and took pleasure in reading the logs of past finders and their experiences of finding the Cuckoo.

For a simple concept, this is of NSW more memorable caches.