Monday, June 02, 2014

10000 finds

Back in January 2002 when geocaching was nothing more than an underworld, never talked about, geek’s game, The Rats (that’s us) found our very first cache some 30km north of Wollongong. From those early days when we were called SES Rats and our first find was at Trainspotting GCDFF with 2 of my SES friends we’ve since dropped the SES part and have made geocaching a real family sport to the point where many of our family activities are organised around geocaching.

In finding our 10000th find I look back and reflect on what the sport of geocaching has done for me and my family. The places we have been and sights that we would most likely not have ever known about has been truly amazing. Similarly, the like-minded people we have met and the friendships that have been forged as a result of geocaching is priceless. I recall turning up to an event thinking “I’m way outside my comfort zone as I don’t know anyone here” but within minutes we were made feel welcome and started chatting about the same common goals.

There have been 10000 memorable moments, but not that I can remember the detail of every one of them. There are some moments that stick with you forever like our
  • Our milestone finds are a special time for us.
  • The long bushwalks in search of a cache in some remote wilderness location.
  • The unique and challenging caching containers we’ve found
  • The many road trips with mates around Australia and overseas in search of caches
  • The record breaking 24hr caching run around Adelaide
  • The not so enjoyable time when we tried to out-run the Police
  • The challenge of caching in the city.
  • Finding 1000 finds in 4 days
  • Testing my personal skills and capability in an attempt to find a cache, and
  • Some of the great caching events we’ve attended along the way.
In the context of geocaching 10000 finds is just another number, sure its a lot of finds and many geocachers will never achieve that in a lifetime but for us it all about the fun we have along the way and I look forward to the next 10000 finds.In celebrating this milestone I’d like to thank those who attended our 10k picnic I couldn’t think of a better way to bring our 10000th find. 

Monday, January 06, 2014

What a year - 2013

It’s a logical progression that as the popularity of geocaching increases then so will people’s caching statistics. 2013 has been a huge statistical year for “The Rats”. I’ve highlighted a few of the more amazing ones.

·         2233 finds for the calendar year.
·         An average of 6.1 finds per day.
·         Increased my best find day to 325 finds.
·         Increased my best month to 1049 finds.
·         Increased my caching streak to 130 days.
·         Found my fastest 1000 caches – 5 days.
·         2 consecutive days of over 300 finds each day.
·         3 trips away with the Gangsters.
·         Found Australia’s highest cache
·         Placed our 100th hide.
·         Hosted 2 events and attended 12 events.
·         Found 281 Mystery caches

Many of these stats can be attributed to a 5 day caching spree around South Australia with the Gangsters. I’m not sure these stats will ever be achieved again by us but in saying that, that’s like waving a red flag to a bull.