Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gong Shuttle Bus event

I had a crazy idea about using the free Wollongong Shuttle bus to host a unique caching event. The plan was to get fellow geocachers to join us for a lap on the bus as it made its way around Wollongong. The idea had never been tried before and wasn’t likely to see the light of day but with an understanding approver I was pleasantly surprised to see the cache approved.

On Sat 12th Jun at 2pm nearly 20 other caching teams joined us at Wollongong Uni (posted coords) for the “Wheels on the Bus go round n round” event cache. Some caching teams had travelled along way, most using the beautiful winter’s day to have a days caching in the Illawarra.

The free green shuttle bus takes its passengers on a loop around the local attractions of Wollongong. People can hop on and off as they please. Most of the time, Uni students use the bus to easily get around town. Today however we unofficially hijacked the bus for a lap of geocaching fun. As the lap unfolded the singing and stories flowed. Many of us hadn’t been on a bus for years, but the combination of a caching event with a free ride around town had everyone enjoying themselves.

The only regret for the day was that it was all over way too quickly.