Saturday, December 04, 2010

Caching the Blue Mts

This is a blog I should have started many years ago but after doing a few caches in the mid mountains area last week I thought it’d be good share my experiences with all of you.

Having lived in the Blue Mts for most of my life I’d done pretty much all of the walks, seen all the lookouts and the like when I was dragged along as a young kid with my parents. Since Geocaching I have been back to quite a few spots that have rekindled those memories and other new spots have been simply awesome.

Whether you agree with the geocaching guidelines or not, some of the geocaching hides in the Blue Mts have you trekking to some very spectacular locations, I have listed a few caches that I feel are a must.

My caches
In the loop – Is a full days off track walk which takes you into the heart of the mountains. The cache is perched high above Wentworth Ck

Hay, Hay Its – Is an easy trail walk out to Mt Hay. The last 500m is off trail. At GZ there are magnificent views into the Grose Valley

Kedumba – At the site of a monument for those who helped build the road into the valley below. Its an easy fire-trail walk with magical views at GZ.

Hanging Rock – The Baltzer Lookout is breathtaking while being extremely dangerous. Views into the Grose Valley are amazing but no fences protect you from the huge drop. It’s a trail walk to reach GZ

Wild Dogs – Is a full days walk or an easy overnight hike into Wild Dog Mtn Range. Splendour Rock is an old ANZAC monument for fallen bushwalkers.

Found Caches
The Gorge – Is a lower mountains cache with a bit of adventure. It highlights the Nepean River and Glenbrook Gorge.

Florabella Series – These 2 caches I did at night but I thoroughly enjoyed the walk down into the valley floor. Both caches are not far off a walking trail.

Real Cache – Is an easy walk from the car along trails. GZ offers great views to the NE out of Castlereagh

Den Fenella Track – Is an earthcache that offers great views over the Jamieson valley while being an educational experience.

Valley of the Waters – Is one of the more picturesque waterfalls in the mountains. It’s a downhill walk to GZ but spectacular views await those who venture.

Sublime – Is one of those spots where you can just sit and watch the world go by. I look the vista from this location.

Daylight – An adventure cache in an old mine. Getting to the start of the mine can be a little difficult, but the adventure underground is worth the experience.

Point to Sister – Is not a cache for everyone, it requires a bit of fitness, but those that do it will be in awe of the views and the feats of pioneering walkers. The Furber Stairs are incredible.

Laughing Waters – A waterfall that is rarely visited but is worth the walk along a formed trail. GZ offers nice views into this small enclosed valley.

Solo Man Reloaded – is situated on Mt Solitary. This messa is viewed from every lookout around Katoomba. It’s a good steep half day walk which wont suit all, but is worth the effort.

Drop Dead Gorgeous – Is another adrenalin cache, which you need to abseil into. Its not that high but is a lot of fun. Nearby there are some great views into Megalong Valley.

Pilcher – Is a spot that offers magical views into the upper Grose valley. Its well worth the bumpy road to drive out to GZ.

Mount York – Is at the western end of the Blue Mts and offers views further west. Sitting here to watch the sun set is a must for all who come out this way.

View3-52 Darling – Is along the Darling causeway and offers fantastic views down towards the Grose Valley. This is an easy drive-by cache.

Du Faur ROCKS – Tucked away on the way out to Mount Wilson is this hidden gem. Canyoners and climbers know this area very well. The cache offers great views into the Wollangambe area.

Shrouded in Mist – Is located in the shadows of Mt Banks, which is the highest mountain within the Blue Mts. While the view at GZ isn't that spectacular. This area offers a few vantage points to the amazing cliff walls nearby.

Mirror Ball - This multi-cache requires the finder to abseil 110m into the Grose Valley. The area offers spectacular views and is a true adrenalin rush, but its only for the experienced. See my seperate report on this cache.

Caches on my “to do list”
Above the Dappled valley
Lost World
Point of No regard
Scooter on the Oaks
Scooter on the Andersons
Lockley Story – Earthcache

This list will be an ongoing project and while you may find others that are better, these are my picks of the Blue Mts caches. I hope you enjoy.