Saturday, March 09, 2013

Mid North Coast wash-out

The Mid North Coast power-trail had been on our radar for some months. Planning and logistics were all sorted but as is the case we couldn't control the weather. Mother Nature put a spanner in the works with predicted heavy rain making us reconsider our plans. As it turned out, Canberra has always been a good spot to grab a plethora of caches some with plan A washed out it was onto plan B (Canberra).

Early Saturday morning on the 2nd March we headed to Canberra with a makeshift plan of grabbing a few smaller power-trails and then a plethora of caches that dot the suburbs. Our timing was perfect as we seemed to dodge the Canberra Rally in various spots we visited. We quickly accumulated a handy sum of finds as we completed the Constellation and Must See power-trails.

By days end we’d amassed an impressive 136 finds and we still had another day ahead of us. After a decent meal and a good night’s sleep we were back into the caching. Today we concentrated our efforts in the north-western area of Canberra were we grabbed a few caches in the specimen series and a scattering of other caches. By the time we left Canberra we tallied an impressive 201 finds, which had us on par for what we’d original planned to find on the Mid North Coast. Not a bad weekend’s geocaching under clear skies.