Thursday, June 04, 2009

Victorian Caching Blitz

With the success of our previous caching blitz’s it was only a matter of time before we spread our wings to our next interstate expedition. Big Matt and Steeba once again joined me as we made an assault on Victoria. Our plan was simple, drive down to Victoria and cache for 3-days around the heart of Melbourne.

We headed off late Friday afternoon, making good time down the highway. With very few caches to grab along the highway it wasn’t long before we were in Albury. After another couple of caches along the Hume Hwy we were soon turning off the highway towards Sunbury. It was 3am Saturday morning when we headed into the suburbs for our first real cache for the weekend. The day rolled on without too much trouble, our biggest problem was fatigue and by mid afternoon we chose to call the day quits. That said, it was an impressive 75 finds.
After a good night sleep we were once again into it early, this was planned as our ‘big’ day. We found our first few caches before the sun was up and on past history we knew this was the best time to be in the city, thus we made quick work of the inner city caches. Moving out into the suburbs the finds quickly added up, the weather was great and plenty of people were out enjoying it. Once again by mid afternoon we seemed to slow down and our cache count ever slowly increased. A good feed and recharged energy levels soon fixed this and we once again hit the finds with repetition.

Just on midnight an incident occurred that I can laugh about now but at the time was quite serious. An encounter with the ‘boys in blue’ had us explaining our actions, which is very difficult when you choose to run from them. After our brief distraction we were once again on our blitz and by nights end we had amassed an impressive 108 finds for the day.
With us having a big day on Sunday it was understandable that we had a late start to our Monday’s adventure, however it wasn’t long before we were back in our stride. Our day took us down the western side of the city before heading down to Geelong. This was an enjoyable run around Port Phillip Bay, which culminated in a BBQ on the Geelong foreshore. Eventually our night ended after a few more local finds.

Tuesday dawned with the prospect of us heading for home, but that wasn’t without a few more local finds. Alas by 10.30am we were on the highway heading north, grabbing a few highway caches in rural Victoria. Our 3-day Victorian caching spree concluded with a massive 255 finds, a new one-day record and some great ideas for new cache containers.

Thanks to my caching buddy’s, Big Matt and Steeba.