Friday, February 26, 2010

Dual Event Weekend

You could never argue that we weren't a social bunch of geocachers in NSW. The past weekend has highlighted that. On Saturday we hosted our 4th Annual Illawarra/Sth Coast Get-together. As always, it was a great day. Some 27 caching teams turned up to bask in the sun, catch up with friends and to par-take in the games.

While on Sunday we attended the 2nd Annual Hills Event. This was our first time at this event, which is hosted by Aussiecacher and is held in the food court of the Rouse Hill shopping centre. It was a very hot day but that didnt stop 26 teams turning up for breakfast and a coffee.

Both events were a great way to meet other cachers and to swap a story or 2. I'm looking forward to the Mega Event in April.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Wagga - again

It was time for another invasion, this time we headed back to an old haunt in an attempt to clear an area of caches before the upcoming Mega Event, that’s right we went back to Wagga.

This trip was to be very short by our standards. To Wagga and back in only 24 hours. We left after work on Friday 29th Jan, meeting Big Matt and Farmer Frentzen along the way. We had a small detour around Gundagai before proceeding into Wagga.

It wasn’t long before the caches were rolling in, however it wasn’t without incident. Of course we had to have the customary visit by the Police who are always curious to our movements.

Anyway it was well after midnight when we called it stumps for the night. We chose to camp up on Pommy hill.

Saturday morning and very quickly the caches were mounting up. Small pockets were being cleaned out very quickly. We then started on the ‘Fred’ caches. These caches, specifically the Rubiks Tube series are a fantastic bunch of caches, Fred puts a lot of effort into his hides and he constantly had us admiring his handy work.

The day was extremely hot and this took its toll on us, but not before we’d cleaned out Wagga of all its caches. Late in the afternoon it was time to head for home, but not before we took a look at the site for the upcoming Mega Event.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning we arrived home. Some of us had found over 100 caches while the minimum was 50+. Thanks to Steeba, Big Matt, Farmer Frentzen and Gribbly for sharing the experience with me.