Sunday, September 14, 2008

2000 not out!

Its taken six and half years but ‘The Rats’ have reached the milestone of 2000 geocaching finds, however it wasn’t without incident. On my first attempt at reaching 2000 I had to abort an attempt on the Altaire cache atop the Thurat Spires. Some 70mm of rain in the area had turned creeks into raging rapids and simply impassable.

A week later and with beautiful skies I was heading into the Grose Valley to find Bshwckr’s cache the ‘Bee Gees’. This seldom found cache suited my idea of doing a physical challenge for a milestone. After only 45min I was down the bottom and approaching GZ. The cache was soon in hand and the formalities completed. A bit of exploring was done before it was time to head back out.

As I made my way up up and up I was pleasantly surprised to come across 2 young foxes playing on the track. They soon disappeared allowing me to continue on my way. Eventually I was back on top where the spectacular view was captured on film. This is truly a spectacular spot with its towering cliffs and huge eucalypt trees making up the forest floor.

With 2000 finds now, its time to move onto 3000.