Friday, September 14, 2007

Caching in Canberra

With the APEC summit giving some of us a day off last week I took the opportunity to do a bit of geocaching. After chatting with another local cacher (Hoojar) a plan was made to head down to Canberra and grab some of their local caches.

We left Thursday (6th Sept) afternoon for what was built as a 24hr caching stint around the northern suburbs of Canberra. Hoojar had previously done some caches around Canberra so our cache selection was made to ensure optimuin count for both of us. We knabbed our first cache at 3.30pm on the outskirts of Goulburn. Quickly our count grew, 1 then 2, 3 and and so on. Before we knew it we were up in double figures and it wasn't even sunset.

Night caching has always appealed to me, it throws a whole new dimmension into this crazy sport and caching around Canberra of a night was no different. Theres always the obvious differences, like harder to find and the unwanted and sometimes hostile muggles but overall the experience is very rewarding. With most of Canberra's caches on hills, the night views were very rewarding.

Just after midnight we opted for a few hours sleep, the 30 caches we'd already found was catching up with us and we needed to recharge our batteries.... A cool start to Friday but we were quickly back into finding caches, our first find being 6.30am. As people headed to work, we headed to our next cache and so on and our cache count quickly rose. Throughout the day the weather had taken a turn for the worse, showers had become more constant rain but this didn't stop us.

We found one of Canberra's earth caches on our travels. This involved identifying some very interesting fossils. I also got to release my latest geocoin in Canberra. Late on Friday afternoon I got to do my very first letterbox cache, this an interesting twist on geocaching and after 6 years of caching I pleased to have found my first one.

As the day come to an end we headed for home very pleased with our caching efforts. Hoojar had found 65 caches while I'd managed to bag 74 caches. All this in 24 hours.