Wednesday, August 24, 2016

4 in 1

Hatching a plan to do 4 caching events in one day was a bit of a “tongue in cheek” comedy when I first mentioned it to others but with it being ‘International Geocaching Day’ the thought of attending 4 events in the one day took some shape.

 So it was on the 20th Aug that Mizmaz and myself headed to the southern highlands for a chilly early morning event. As many others laughed at us we signed the log and headed south to Nowra where we made it in time to celebrate lunch with the local geocachers as part of their event.

The next event for the day had us travelling north to Dolls Point where after we managed to make in it just in time for the group photo and quick chat with some familiar faces. By this point of the day the body was starting to get a bit weary but it was back to the Illawarra for our final event. Dinner with our local caching community was the culmination of a big day mostly spent driving from place to place, but who else can say they’ve done 4 events in 1 day.

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