Monday, January 06, 2014

What a year - 2013

It’s a logical progression that as the popularity of geocaching increases then so will people’s caching statistics. 2013 has been a huge statistical year for “The Rats”. I’ve highlighted a few of the more amazing ones.

·         2233 finds for the calendar year.
·         An average of 6.1 finds per day.
·         Increased my best find day to 325 finds.
·         Increased my best month to 1049 finds.
·         Increased my caching streak to 130 days.
·         Found my fastest 1000 caches – 5 days.
·         2 consecutive days of over 300 finds each day.
·         3 trips away with the Gangsters.
·         Found Australia’s highest cache
·         Placed our 100th hide.
·         Hosted 2 events and attended 12 events.
·         Found 281 Mystery caches

Many of these stats can be attributed to a 5 day caching spree around South Australia with the Gangsters. I’m not sure these stats will ever be achieved again by us but in saying that, that’s like waving a red flag to a bull.

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