Friday, March 19, 2010

Numbers in Melbourne

As the 1st Australian Mega Event rolls around I thought it’d be nice to coincide a milestone find with the attendance at the Mega Event.

For this to happen I needed to rack up some quick finds. To achieve this I planned a flying visit to Melbourne. As luck would have it I managed to get some cheap $28 flights to Melbourne, some accommodation with the relo’s with the biggest expense being the hiring of a car for a few days.

Arriving in Melbourne late at night I quickly set about finding caches. With a few finds under my belt I grabbed a few hours sleep. The next morning I headed to Geelong, last time I was here I was taken by the picturesque scenery. This time was no different, I headed out towards Queenscliff and Port Lonsdale where I grabbed a few caches and took in the vista. Eventually I ran out of time, but not before I grabbed a few of the “Mad Max” series of caches.

That night I caught up with family who I hadn’t seen in ages.

The next day and there was more caching to be done. I took the opportunity to grab a rare “Webcam” cache as I cached my way around the bay. I managed to find all the healthy suburbs and seen how the other half live. My days caching finished with my tally on 85 finds. The day culminated with dinner and drinks at a nice Italian eatery.

My final day in Melbourne and I headed straight for the city where I grabbed a few unusual finds. A couple of “Earthcahes” and “Virtuals” added to the tally. I also had time to duck over to Brighton where I not only found a cache but I had time to look at the beach huts, which are quiet, amazing.

My 3-day trip ended with 95 finds, a greater appreciation of Melbourne scenery and me sitting comfort to achieve my 4000th find in Wagga.

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