Friday, March 14, 2008

Caching in Sydney

I was long overdue for some series caching, its like a drug to me. A cache here and there only wets my appetite for a dose of series caching. So with that said, I had been busy leading up to the 13th March organising fellow cachers for a day of series caching in Sydney.

It was 4.30am when we left the Illawarra, heading towards our first find for the day. The weather had been kind, actually it was probably a little too hot, but for someone who loves the heat I can’t complain. For today I had teamed up with my fellow caching mates Hoojar and Gribbly. Both of which were as keen as I was for a big day in Sydney.

Right on 6.00am we bagged our first find. The sun hadn’t showed itself as yet which was a pity as most of the places we went were thick with spider’s webs. It didn’t take long and our cache finds steadily climbed. We had started in Sydney’s west and had made a circular arc northeast. By lunchtime we had made it to Olympic park where with everyone else we soaked up the beautiful day.

There was no time for lunch, geocachers don’t stop for trivial things such as lunch. As we pressed on we made our way around the northern foreshore of Parramatta River and then up towards the Lane Cover River. Our day eventually finished at Macquarie University, I had personally bagged 34 caches in approx’ 10 hours. Not a bad days work.

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